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Black Seed Oils from Egypt

Natural Seeds Oil

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Natural black seed and organic oils now in the U.S. market, directly from Egypt


Al-Saha USA introduces brand new health products from Egypt to the U.S. market. Our company and online store has recently opened in 2016, but our partners in Egypt have nothing but experience in the production of organic oils and natural health products. High quality natural organic oils from Egypt, being distributed in the USA now, have received excellent reviews from customers in Europe, who our Egyptian partners have been working with since 2010.

Al-Saha’s target is your health and natural beauty

Al-Saha’s contribution to the U.S. and North America?

To bring only natural products to enhance your overall health and beauty. In today’s world, having products that are completely 100% natural is an anomaly. Luckily, Egypt continues to incorporate traditional healing methods, which have withstood throughout generations.

So, here at Al-Saha, we are happy to share those secrets with you!

Black Seed Oil UsesSteady use of these natural and pure organic oils not only refresh facial skin, but have been known to rid it of those troublesome wrinkles. Black seed oil is the greatest immunity, which is able to boost the immune system, giving the body power to combat viruses and diseases without the use of laboratory medicines and drugs. Our main purpose is to bring ALL a “key” to a healthy life.

Nigella Sativa’s benefits are numerous. Its benefits are effective and used for: asthma and cough, pneumonia, influenza, insomnia, dizziness, memory loss, headaches, low blood pressure, indigestion, vomiting, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, disease and inflammation of the skin, allergies, women’s diseases, decreased potency loss and brittle hair, cancer prevention, and much more…

Ethiopia’s nigella sativa cultivation is number one for black seed oil!

Nigella Sativa Our online store sells only high quality black seed oil produced and manufactured in Egypt and cultivated in Ethiopia. So, only here, at Al-Saha USA, you’re buying first class natural nigella sativa oil. You may wonder: Why buy Egyptian black seed oil? Why does an Egyptian factory use Ethiopian seeds? Why are you sure that Egyptian Nigella Sativa oil is the best natural oil? Nigella Sativa is truly cultivated in a few countries, such as Syria, India, Egypt, Ethiopia and Turkey. Basically, cultivated in the Middle East and in regions around the Mediterranean Sea.

Black seeds need very hot weather to grow “perfectly” and to receive all the vitamins and beneficial features which makes it the best oil. The best black seeds are planted and harvested near the Equator line. So, from all the countries that grow the Nigella Sativa flower, Ethiopa is the closest to the Equator. That is why Ethiopian seeds are the best in the world! But because of their level of technological development, they supply seeds to Egypt and India. That’s why our Egyptian manufacturer, our partner, offer us the highest quality Nigella Sativa oil, black seed oil, pressed from the best seeds.

Al-Saha USA is your best store of black seed and all natural oils

You can buy 4 kinds of black cumin seed oils which are different in their own ways:

Black Seed Oil Bionatal USABioNatal

Considered the best oil! It is 100% Ethiopian seeds! It’s one-time cold pressed non-filtered! The process is handmade and natural filtration which the seed sediments are lowered to the bottom of the base.

The highest quality black seed oil in the world!


Amana Black seed oil


Our Egyptian black seed oil is extracted from Ethiopian seeds using the cold-pressed% method. It’s a very popular oil in the Asian and European markets. In 2018, we replaced this oil for a better brand we named BIONATAL.


Royal Black Seed OilRoyal

This oil consists of 70% Ethiopian seeds and 30% Syrian seeds. It’s cold pressed oil and easier, on the palate, to drink. The Syrian seeds give this oil it’s easiness on taste.


Oil of Life Black Seed OilOil of Life

This oil includes 70% Ethiopian seeds and 30% Egyptian seeds. It’s cold pressed oil. Oil of Life has a stronger taste than “Royal”, because the Egyptian seeds are a little harsher, which makes this oil less filtrated.


Al-Saha USA will bring more organic oils in the near future

organic oilsAl-Saha USA is the first online store of natural health products from the Middle East. Our plans for the future is enormous. We have an exclusive contract with our Egyptian supplier and through our online store, we’ll be providing 100% natural health and beauty organic oils.

Our Egyptian factory and supplier, offer more than eighty (80) kind of seeds, pulps, flowers, resins, kernels, peels, herbs, roots and tree natural oils. A good number of these oils being rare, you won’t find them other than our online store.

Al-Saha USA internet shop will provide in this section, rare fatty oils: amber and blue amber resin oil, arugula seed oil, argan kernel oil, avocado kernel oil, cactus pulp oil, colocynthis pulp oil, fenugreek seed oil, ginseng root oil, herbal collection oil, jojoba kernel oil, lavender seed oil, menthol crystal oil, snake mix oil, violet flower oil and more…

The best quality natural essential oils

quality natural essential oils Our next stage, will be the opening of a page of natural essential oils, which are much popular in the Egyptian touristic places, such as Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

You won’t find guaranteed high quality essential oils in the USA, as the production process in itself is very long and expensive.

Which would make a lot of “natural essential oils” coming to the U.S., from other places in the world questionable.

Al-Saha found the one factory that produces real essential oils in all the Middle East. So coming in 2017, Al-Saha USA online store will be bringing these high quality essential oils to YOU.

Our purpose is to bring you great products that will lead you on that road to life filled with the best of health.

 Natural products is our gift to YOU in receiving the ultimate healthy living and lifestyle

Herbal spicesIn our final stages, we will be importing to the USA numerous health products which still hasn’t found a place in our market.

Even though our store is not ready to add these products, we’ll let you in on our future little ‘secret’: herbal teas, natural shampoos and creams, food spices and seasonings, natural soaps and toothpastes and more.

Very soon we will be bringing a wide selection of exotic spices to your kitchens!

We will offer an extensive collection of herbal spices gathered from Middle Eastern countries such as: Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, India and Syria.

How can you buy pure black seed and other organic oils?

You can buy Egyptian black cumin seed oil and other products in our Al-Saha USA online store a few ways:

Purchasing our natural oils couldn’t be easier. At this time, Paypal, is the best and most convenient way to receive your order. There will be other ways of payment in the online store, in the near future. Other forms of payments can be used, please call to inquire.

Al-Saha USA is your way to the easy and natural healthy life! Live long and enjoy!