Black Seeds Oil “Royal”, Egypt


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– Strengthens the immune system
– Fortifies hair roots
– Antiallergic effect on the skin and improves skin condition
– Beneficial for gastro-intestinal and respiratory conditions
– Prophylactic and cold prevention

Black Seed Oil Uses (Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa) )

Black Cumin Seed Oil Properties

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“Royal” is one of the oldest Nigella Sativa oil brands in the world. This oil was created by our Egyptian supplier in 2005. Our supplier was looking for something special when they first pressed black seeds, so they decided to create a special test.

During that time in 2005, they decided to use one of the best seeds from an African country which is known to grow the best seeds and plants of many things – Ethiopia. At the same time, another strong black seed supplier from the Middle East, Syria, started to supply seeds to Egypt. That’s when our supplier made a cold press test of mixing 70% of the Ethiopian black cumin seeds and 30% of the Syrian black cumin seeds. This is how the first international Nigella Sativa brand “Royal” happened.

This brand, “Royal” is shows its exclusivity by being created using the best cumin seeds from Africa and the Middle East. A true “Royal” mix! Sure it has a bitter taste, but it’s very soft in texture. “Royal” black seed oil has a very nice, gentle smell along with it’s very good for those who don’t care for the bitter taste of Nigella Sativa.

This kind of pure oil is excellent for hair and skin care because the Ethiopian seeds alone carry a large number of vitamins. One way to strengthen hair follicles one just need to rub the oil into the scalp for 15 minutes before washing. Also, when treating skin irritations, massage “Royal” on the area of the skin where the irritations are located.

“Royal” is the most popular black seed oil in Egypt. At one time, from 2005 to 2010, “Royal” was considered the only really high quality black cumin oil in Egypt which met international standards. For many years until now, “Royal” oil was predominantly supplied, distributed and gained it’s notoriety throughout the Middle East and Middle Asia countries. Starting in 2010, this oil was supplied to most of central Euro-Asian countries. Now, we bring this wonderful, natural and unique product to the USA, North and South Americas.

   We hope you will enjoy the quality of “Royal” black seed oil and what we strive for all to be…always healthy!

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