Black Seeds Oil “Oil of Life”, Egypt


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– Strengthens the immune system
– Fortifies the hair follicles
– Antiallergic effect on the skin and improves skin condition
– Beneficial for gastro-intestinal and respiratory conditions
– Prophylaxis and cold prevention

Black Seed Oil Uses (Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa) )

Black Cumin Seed Oil Properties

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“Oil of Life” is a new Nigella Sativa oil which our Egyptian supplier and partner created. This oil was created in 2013 when people in East Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia were in need of something new, after years of the special and successful “Royal” brand.

“Oil of Life” was created the same way as “Royal”, but instead of using Syrian seeds, Egyptian black seeds were used. “Oil of Life” consists of 70% Ethiopian black cumin seeds and 30% Egyptian black cumin seeds. This kind of oil is less filtered than the “Royal” brand. Egyptian seeds are even more bitter in taste than Syrian seeds, which makes the taste and texture of “Oil of Life” even heavier than “Royal”.

“Oil of Life” is a great addition to salads for those who love spices. This oil helps strengthen brittle hair and very effective in fighting skin irritations. This oil also helps the immune system. Since “Oil of Life” is cold pressed and one time filtered it keeps and contains its many vitamins, minerals and useful materials.

Since “Oil of Life” hit the international market it has done nothing but met consumer’s expectations. During its short stint, “Oil of Life” black seed oil took half of the consumer market of “Royal” black seed oil brand and now it too has finally reached the USA, North and South America market.

Make “Oil of Life” a daily use and very soon you will see its results!

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16.9 FL. OZ (500ml)


El-Hawag Natural Oil Company

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