Black Seed Oil “Amana”, Egypt

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– To strengthens the immune system
– Helps prevent cancer
– Beneficial for gastro-intestinal and respiratory conditions
– Prophylaxis and cold prevention
– Fights bacteria and infections

Black Seed Oil Uses (Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa) )

Black Cumin Seed Oil Properties

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“Amana” is one of the first highest quality black seed oils in the world. This is a hard produced, handmade product which our supplier in Egypt create in short quantities. Now a days, people are no question more and more health conscious. That is why our customers of the U.S. asked for something really special…something really 100% natural.  A product which would protect the body, its immune system and not contain impurities.

This is why our supplier created a special quality Nigella Sativa oil.

What’s the secret? First of all, only one sort of seeds was chosen – the most expensive high quality black cumin seeds from Ethiopia. “Amana” black seed oil made from cleaned and certified Ethiopian seeds only! This kind of black seed oil production uses ONE TIME COLD PRESS ONLY! This mean it’s free of any small impurities, and only the most useful materials and vitamins are taken from those seeds.

No other factory in Egypt or other countries produce in this method because of the huge losses when not reusing the seeds, if you’re producing only one time cold pressed. It took a long time searching for a supplier which only produced one time cold pressed. We finally found a black seed oil producer use natural filtering, only man made. It may take longer to make, but it creates the best quality.

The first samples of this pure black seed oil were sent to European Union countries in the end of 2015 where it successfully passed all laboratory analyses by the strongest standards. After great reviews from the customers, this excellent, pure product was delivered to us, “Al-Saha USA”, for distribution in the United States. This black seed oil has a very slow and long production, which mean it is only created in small quantities. The reason why it is first delivered only to “Al-Saha USA”.

Al-SAHA’s now and future is to supply you, our customer, only the highest quality natural products grown, produced and manufactured from the Middle East…always healthy!      

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16.9 FL. OZ (500ml)


El-Hawag Natural Oil Company

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1 review for Black Seed Oil “Amana”, Egypt

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary (verified owner)

    Finally found a black seed oil I can trust to be real and potent. It is wonderful. I was looking for the highest amount of volatile oils I could find, and this is it. There are a few other sites that advertise “milder” tasting version of oil as an option for those who want that, but all of those versions have lower volatile oils. This Amana oil is strong with many overtones of flavor. This is the real deal. I will also try their other oil which is mostly Egyptian seeds, but I suspect that I will end up using the Amana exclusively. Before, I have bought oil from Whole Foods, and Amazon, and from a place in England that gave me a choice of 3 strengths.

    Then I found a website in Egypt that had just what I wanted, 2 oils they made themselves and a 3rd that they marketed for another Egyptian company. The video’s on the site confirmed just how they did things and showed the worker bees pressing the oil, putting the labels on by hand and shipping the product.
    Finally, I can buy it here in the U.S. I know the price is high, but I am buying the assurance that I am not wasting my money and I am not being bamboozled. Recommended for those who are looking for a stronger more potent Black Seed Oil that is particularly good for asthma.

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