About Us

About us AlSahaHere at Al-Saha Online Store we want to introduce our black seed oil that is 100% cold pressed, produced and packaged in Egypt!

Al-Saha is your one-stop shop of pure natural seed oils from the very region where the best seeds are cultivated and truly are cold pressed…our AMANA black cumin seed oil is only hand cold pressed once! So it can argued, our AMANA is the best quality black seed oil in the World.

Al-Saha in Arabic means “HEALTH”.

Not only do we believe that cold pressed oils should be truly cold pressed, our oils represent what truly is a statement of our company, good health. Cold pressed retains all the qualities of the seeds. The very reason why our black seed oil keeps all the vitamins and nutrients, which help improve health and rid the body of various toxins and diseases.

In our Al-Saha online shop you will only buy natural seeds oils which are cold pressed, produced and packaged in Egypt. In time, our Al-Saha Online Store will bring approximately 30 different kinds of organic oils, which have earned positive reviews from natural seed oil consumers, from different countries in Asia and in the European Union.

Our factory in Egypt, have produced pure seed oils since the beginning of the present century. During this time, natural health products from Egypt have been consumed by millions in Europe, Africa and Asia. And what a better time than now to bring the best quality health oils to the U.S.!

You can ask, why did you choose Egypt?

Why North African oils?

The answer is simple. It is the best region in the Middle East, where natural products are produced. It’s where most still can not use modern medical drugs, only natural treatment. It’s a proven fact that Egyptians used Nigella Sativa seed oil for all diseases dating more then 3000 years ago. Also, most professors in the world are using scientific methods proving that Nigella Sativa oil is able to prevent, slow down and even cure cancer at various stages.

Not only will we bring the great benefits of black seed oil, but also the major natural seed oils of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. For example, there’s the question of Arabic women’s hair…it’s beauty, it’s sheen, it’s fullness. Not a big secret! There’s a reason why Arabic women have healthy, full, shiny and strong beautiful hair. You will commonly find different types of seed oils in Middle Eastern homes since they are beneficial to hair, skin, face, body and health in general. Just one of the natural seed oil benefits in Arabic countries passed down from generation to generation.

We offer our black cumin seed oils, which are the first of a long line of natural seed oil products we are bringing to the Western Hemisphere. We personally carry out the import of these products from Egypt, by exclusive contract with the manufacturer, so we guarantee their quality.

You will not find a better quality. Buy black seed oil from Al-Saha USA.

Enjoy being happy, healthy and let Al-SAHA be a part of your everyday well-being!